Alex Sherman AKA Wizard is no new name to the scene, he’s been quietly killing it for years now with his calm demeanor and graceful style. We’ve always been a fan and lately have been blown away on his Grade A riding. More than anything we’re always proud to see good people like him get the spotlight. As a standout in the newest video 3:00 AM by Videograss / Adidas Snowboarding we wanted to catch up with Wiz and see what’s new.
Ragdoll: For being an AM film, there’s a lot of talent and experience within the 3:00 AM crew. How was working on the film?
Wizard: It was dope, working with everyone to make this video was awesome.  All those guys are my homies so it was really cool to get to make a movie together and travel to cool places . Filming for 3:00 AM was all time.
Ragdoll: Was Evan out there filming at all?
Wizard: No I wish, He has a mean nosepress that I want to see go down! Im gonna make him come on a trip this year, he has to.
Ragdoll: Where you working towards a part or did you know it was going to be more travel based?
Wizard: I knew that it wasn’t going to be a part based video. Colton did a sick job putting the movie together I think its rad that its not just parts, it flows good.
Ragdoll: What was your favorite trip for the film?
Wizard: Going to Japan was my favorite trip I love going there, Im super down with the food and onsens, and I always have pretty good luck filming there and that trip went really well and the squad was dope.
Ragdoll: How does Adidas treat their AM squad? First class all the way?!
Wizard: They treat us super good. Its so awesome to be apart of a company that has your back and listens to your input. Im not flying first class, but I get to travel to awesome places with cool people and do what I want to do. They take good care of us and make sure we have what we need to get it done. Im hyped to be on a team with some of the sickest boarders.
Ragdoll: Whats in the works for the upcoming season?
Wizard: Im still figuring everything out right now, but there are a few projects that are in the works.

Photo: Scotty Arnold

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